Why RI Responds? 

The RI Responds system is used to register and credential healthcare and community volunteers who are interested in assisting when skilled individuals are most needed.  By registering in advance of a public health emergency, you are able to ensure that the system can notify and inform you of opportunities to assist. 


The program supports a variety of personnel who may be utilized during disasters, all-hazard response efforts and public health activities.  

The Option is YOURS

There are three distinct options available to you as an interested volunteer in RI Responds;

The Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team's Medical Reserve Corps 

The Statewide Emergency Registry of Volunteers (SERV-RI)​

Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team (DBHRT)

Learn more about each team below and make a choice that fits your interests.


For those interested in training opportunities during planned events as well as emergency situations.

RIDMAT/MRC works to reduce the vulnerability of Rhode Island to disaster risk through community public health activities, the promotion of personal preparedness, and enhanced response capabilities.

Volunteers of RIDMAT/MRC have opportunities to participate in preparedness training, field hospital operations and other public health activities.  


Take your training to the next level and become a volunteer with RIDMAT/MRC to help your community when disaster strikes.


For those only interested in volunteering during emergency situations.

The Statewide Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Rhode Island (SERV-RI), is an online registry created to identify and pre-credential healthcare providers who are licensed in Rhode Island prior to a large-scale disaster or public health emergency.  


SERV-RI volunteers could be called upon in the instance of a public health or disaster emergency to assist with surge capacity issues and be available to the public health and emergency management agencies of Rhode Island to supplement existing volunteer response organizations like RIDMAT/MRC, among others. 

When you register with SERV-RI, you join fellow Rhode Islanders interested in becoming involved when help is needed most. 


Trained disaster behavioral health volunteers who may be deployed to provide an organized, supportive response to those affected by critical incidents or disasters.

The Rhode Island Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team (DBHRT) is comprised of trained disaster behavioral health volunteers who may be deployed to provide an organized, supportive response to individual victims, family members, survivors and other responders affected by critical incidents or disasters. This cadre may be activated to work in conjunction with traditionally identified first responders and others within the incident command structure.

DBHRT members may be deployed to settings such as emergency shelters, disaster sites, schools or medical facilities. They may also engage in outreach and educational activities in affected communities to promote the resiliency and recovery of those impacted by a traumatic event. The DBHRT may respond statewide when local behavioral health resources have been depleted or are overwhelmed.