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The Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team's Medical Reserve Corps Program is a state-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to recruit, train, mobilize, manage and equip a volunteer response corps to enhance state and local capabilities. 

RIDMAT/MRC is active in preparing for and responding to the public health and emergency response needs of Rhode Island and its communities.  


Whatever your experience or training, your community needs you. In Rhode Island, there is one Medical Reserve Corps unit housed within RIDMAT. 

RIDMAT/MRC volunteers are invited to participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Field Hospital Operations at mass-gathering events: RIDMAT/MRC’s participation at these events alleviates surge on local EMS services and area hospitals and additionally familiarizes the volunteer with the processes and equipment that are used in the instance of a public health emergency or disaster event.  DMAT/MRC provides operational support to events like the RI Air National Guard Airshow, the Newport Folk and Jazz Festival and the Bristol 4th of July Parade.  Learn more HERE.

  • Vaccination Clinics:  RIDMAT/MRC volunteers are called upon to staff emergency vaccination clinics like Providence College's Meningitis Outbreak and H1N1 state-wide, school-based vaccination program.  

  • Disaster Preparedness Classes:  RIDMAT/MRC volunteers are notified of public health and disaster courses offered throughout the state and RIDMAT/MRC holds relevant lecture series throughout the year.  

Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team's Medical Reserve Corps

When disaster strikes, there is no time to suddenly "prepare" for the unexpected.  Train to be prepared for any situation.

RIDMAT/MRC works to reduce the vulnerability of Rhode Island to disaster risk through community public health activities, the promotion of personal preparedness and enhanced response capabilities. Volunteers are contacted regularly via the RI Responds system regarding opportunities to participate in preparedness training, field hospital operations and other public health activities.  


Take your training to the next level and become a volunteer  with RIDMAT/MRC to help your community when disaster strikes.

Flexibility is what makes RIDMAT/MRC a great fit for the busy health professional volunteer.  You can choose to support daily public health activities, volunteer during emergencies – or both.  Although there are training requirements, there are not service hour requirements.  We understand that your work and personal commitments will determine your availability.  If there is an emergency, we hope that we have provided you adequate training and that you will be ready and able to respond when you can.  


The mission of RIDMAT/MRC is to recruit, train, mobilize, manage and equip a volunteer response corps to enhance state and local capabilities.


The RIDMAT/MRC is a state-based unit designed to serve all communities within Rhode Island.
The program and equipment is housed at RI DMAT, Inc. Headquarters located in West Greenwich, Rhode Island with an administrative office in West Warwick, Rhode Island.


To provide useful training opportunities that prepare a volunteer corps to safely and properly respond to the needs of its community.


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